Stand out by being clear and specific.

Who the Heck ARE You?

One of the biggest challenges you will ever face in your business is figuring out who the heck you are. This sounds so simple. But this is why there are so many courses in “60-second Infomercials” the “Elevator Speech” and Story Telling for business.

Saying that you are a naturopath, architect or home decorator does not tell us enough – who are your clients, what do you focus on, what do you design, do you sell products or just services, are there credentials that set you apart? Do you specialize? Who can afford you? Why would they want you? When would they want you? What results do you achieve? How do people feel when/after working with you?
Worse is the situation for writers, speakers and coaches – what do you write? Speak about? Coach on? These are custom services tailored to the audience or client.

You need to get specific.

First of all for you – if you don’t know what you do, your business will grow – or not grow – by accident. Which can leave you with a beast you don’t even want to be around.
Second of all for your clients – how do I know that you offer what I need if you can’t describe it?
Third for your referral network and associates – when you are crystal clear on who you are and who you help, I can give you a referral. If I am not sure, I cannot describe your offerings with confidence… so I won’t.
1. Determine who you are
2. This includes who you serve
3. This includes what you love to do – your passion and purpose
4. This leads to goals
5. This leads to what to say on your website
6. Which leads to what you want your website visitor to do next
7. And dictates exactly what to say in blogs and on social media

Cher Cunningham

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