Whitespace on Your Blog

computer-display-isolated-on-white-913-563What does white space mean on a blog?

We have heard that white space is an important element in print design and layout. What does that mean to you when you are writing your blogs?

in simple terms, all you really need to think about is making your copy easy to skim and scan.

How can we achieve white space?

  1. Use images to draw attention, break up text and emphasize or explain a point.
  2. Use small paragraphs with full line breaks in between.
  3. Use bold or Heading 2 or 3 styles within text to denote your sub-sections.
  4. Use clear titles for those titles.

Benefits of White Space

There are, of course other reasons that these practices are of value…. an image in your blog will allow facebook or LinkedIN status updates to show a thumbnail of that image – which in turn will make that status update stand out.

Keyword Rich Articles

Being conscious of writing clear titles for your sections will force you to use keywords that will make you show up higher on search engines – especially if you enclose the titles in a Heading 1 or Heading 2 style. We strive for keyword rich articles for all of our content – but especially that content that is solution oriented, as blogs often are.

Bottom Line – have a theme or key idea for each blog post (and ideally a purpose and call to action). Re-read and tweak your blog post in the public side of your site to be sure it displays clearly and is easy to read. You will end up displaying your valuable ideas in a much more accessible way making a win-win for you and your reader.

Cher Cunningham

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