What is a Hungry Crowd – in #Marketing Terminology.

There is no doubt these baby birds are hungry but when it comes to marketing we need more than just hunger.

Hungry Crowd: A group of people who need your product, NOW, and have the ability and desire to purchase it.

When you are hunting for your Hungry Crowd, you need to be sure that the group is large enough to sustain your business, that they understand the value of what you offer and want to purchase rather than doing it for themselves.

Some issues that come up:

They aren’t looking for what you are selling. For instance if your tanning business is “selling” Vitamin D, and the crowd wants browner skin, they may never purchase from you. Google makes it very important to know exactly what people are searching for so that your keywords match what they type into the search engine.

DIY. The do-it-yourselfer wants to take your information – but that is the end of it. In this freebie driven world you can feel a little jaded if you don’t word your offer to make it very clear you are selling a solution – or selling the how-to to achieve a solution.

Your solution is unique. Sounds like an advantage doesn’t it? But if the market has never heard of your solution, they won’t look for it. In this scenario you need to think about what else they need when they could use your solution and network with complementary businesses in order to achieve awareness. Secondly – what is your solution “like”? Does it extend the value of an existing product or service?

Designing your business idea around an existing hungry crowd is brilliant! Most of us however, don’t discover this concept until well into our business – sometimes years later. But if you were to take the sweet spot where your passion in business overlaps the need of a group of ideal clients you can design a business with a ready market and tap into instant traction.


Cher Cunningham

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