Video Challenge (Day 1)… Challenging

Thus begins my saga… Started at 10:00 – my Mac is overheating and creating lots of fuzzy fan noises in the background of my video. I put it to sleep for 10 minutes which then helped for about 5 minutes. I am trying out my Snowball microphone to see if it will do a better job with a voice over dictation. See if you can hear the transition from internal mic to Snowball in the video below.

I am recording my videos on Camtasia for Mac, using Picture in Picture for a blend of talking head video and screen capture. I may try to do some of this with my video camera in coming days.

Now the best thing I can say about my intro video below is, “it introduces the course and it does it fast”. The second best thing I can say is, I learned a few things already! Like plan a background image. And life is noisy. Why does¬†the fan on my Mac kick on so fast when I am in Camtasia – and can I make it stop!!?

I am goiong to keep track of how long each 5 – 10 minute video takes to create – this intro? It is just over 3.5 minutes and it is now 11:07 and it is uploading to YouTube. I can hear the Jeopardy music in my brain as I wait for rendering and wait for uploading. BUT -I don’t think I should count the rendering time as I took that as an opportunity to go play with my baby grandson and the uploading time? Well I can multi-task and write the blog post.

… still uploading so, I created an intro video in Vinci3D

Still processing on Youtube

screenshot-2016-10-26-23-23-07¬†– but… the link is created so I am going to embed and see if it shows right in the morning!


Nope – Camtasia errored out during upload. So here it is now:



Cher Cunningham

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