Time Management for Entrepreneurs – part 6 of 6 (Technology)

If you know me at all you may have guessed I love technology.

First things first – download the Excel Spreadsheet that came with your ebook (at right if you have’t grabbed it yet). Edit the timings and other details to suit you and your business.

Next I suggest you print out a copy – I have my cheap print shop print and bind me a year-long journal.

Plan out your first Free and Buffer days for the Week. Specify the rest as Focus Days.

Now transfer in your actions for a full week. Generally I like to only do one day at a time – this allows for easily moving tasks to tomorrow or the next appropriate day. But for this exercise, plan out a full week. Identify which actions you will repeat every day and every week.

For example – you may blog once a week, but want to check RSS Owl every day to see if anyone in your network has published a blog. Enter Write Blog into your Buffer day at the time of day you are able to be most creative. Next enter it into your Calendar program with a repeat for that day of the week. Set an alarm to remind you 30 minutes in advance.
Now block of the time of day you will open the RSS Owl software to review blogs – be aware this only takes 2 minutes….unless someone in your network has blogged. In that case it will take about 20 minutes to read their blog entry, share it on your social networks and comment on their post.

Repeat for all of your activities that reminders would be useful for.

Anything can be scheduled in advance.. and remember you still get points even if the computer does the work for you.

  • Are tweets worth one point? Use bufferapp or Hootsuite to schedule and deploy 2 tweets a day for the next 60 days all in one afternoon. (120 points – use for a 100 point reward or accumulate)
  • Follow-ups are worth 5 points? Use aweber or Mail Poet to set up a mailing list that automatically follows up 3 times when anyone signs up on your website (you do have a good freebie right?)
  • When YOU receive notice that someone has received the 3rd follow-up in your autoresponder from above, contact them directly with a personal message and offer a product or consultation. If this is a lot of people, you can log in to your mailing list software and see only those who have opened all of those emails and/or clicked on them.
  • Use Commun.it to automatically thank everyone who follows you on twitter. Not quite a thank you note but deserves a point.
  • Use your reminders app to sound an alarm when it is time for key activities.

You may decide to bulk publish blog posts and social media updates on one Buffer day a month. You can then login to WordPress and create all of your posts at once – but schedule which day they will be published. I also use Jetpack to automatically share the posts with my social media sites as they “go live”.  In this case you will want a reminder set a day in advance – the less frequently you do something, the more likely you are to forget to do it.

Cher Cunningham

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