Time Management for Entrepreneurs – part 4 of 6 Types of Days

The idea of scheduling a perfect day used to haunt me. If I could just precisely outline my day to include everything, surely I would be organized and invincible.

Then I read a chapter in Jack Canfield’s The Success Principles. It told of an entrepreneurial time management process developed by Dan Kennedy. The concept includes Buffer days, Focus days – and an alien concept called Free Days®. I hunted for a scheduler to help apply his system but never found one. The book was exciting though.
Free Days® are 24 hours spent NOT doing anything to do with business. Can you even imagine that – a full day (you are not allowed to break this time up) devoted to not your business. Playing with kids, reading a book, taking a walk, going for dinner and a movie, having a nap. And no business, no talking about business, no social media, no blogging, no calling clients. Just Free.

Buffer Days: You use these days to catch up, clean up messes, delegate, and learn new skills. Most importantly, use them to do the planning needed for your Free Days & Focus Days. I have to admit what I love about this type of day is that if Dan wrote about it, it means lots of people need a day each week to catch up and deal with things you never feel you have time for. It’s not just me (and it’s not just you either).

Focus Days: in which you spend 80 percent of your time on the activities that create results for your business. On Focus Days, you concentrate on your most important business-related activities, relationships, and opportunities. For me this is actual production – delivering my service. Designing, uploading, writing, editing, coaching. When you know that you have the other type of days, you can throw yourself whole-heartedly into getting your work done. You have a safety net – a day for dealing with all of the other things that would otherwise nag at your mind and distract you.

Step One: Look at your week and how your business works with the rest of your life. What would be the best day or two to designate as free days. Hint it does not have to be a weekend. Thursday is my favourite. Kids are at school for part of that day so I can relax and take guilt-free time for me. Then after school we can spend time together, cook something fun for dinner – whatever – it’s not like I have to answer the phone or check emails. I can just live in the now (be mindful) and know that I am not being lazy – there is nowhere else I am supposed to be.

Step Two: Look at that list of RIGHT Choices™ you created yesterday. Now group them under Free, Buffer and Focus Day headings.

Step Three: Re-evaluate that list and see if you are limiting yourself. You may find that you are inspired to actually add more as those Buffer and Free Days start to manifest in your beliefs. 24 hours for me? 24 hours to catch up?

Save this list for tomorrow. We are going to have some fun with these Choices and make it so they happen!

Cher Cunningham

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