Time Management for Entrepreneurs – part 3 of 6 RIGHT Choices

It has been said we cannot actually manage time, only our actions and choices in that time. This is both empowering and discouraging.

Discouraging because if I never had to sleep and days were 36 hours long I could do anything, everything, conquer the world!

Empowering because when you focus on accomplishing actions, it gives you real power over your days. It makes you take a conscious look at what you are doing and why. What should you keep doing? What should you stop doing? What should you add to the list?

Yesterday we explored the reality that just because it made it on to our schedule, that does not mean it will happen. Who knows?

What we do know is that if we never PLAN to do something, we never WILL do something. No matter how clever an idea is, how right it seems to be, if we don’t add it to the to-do list it aint never gonna happen.

Look back at that list of priorities you made in day one. There are a lot of actions on that list that you need to do repeatedly. Every day or every week or even every hour. Those actions or tasks that lead to results you want are what I call RIGHT Choices.

Identify RIGHT Choices™ – Really Important Growth Habits for Today

The choices we make each day can become habits. The best way to manage those habits is to schedule them in. In fact even writing them down helps to teach our subconscious mind that this is something we value. The physical act of writing a list writes it on your mind as well.

Some of these actions might include, calling a lead, blogging, networking, or thanking a client. For a full list of some of my RIGHT Choices, download the full free ebook at right.

Then look at your life – family and business – and list out the things you need to do on an on-going basis to build the results you need. This is a short exercise but it is powerful and profound. Spend 15 minute really evaluating all of the things you do and should do in your day-to-day life.

Tomorrow we are going to group these Choices so you can fit all of them in and still get to sleep, eat and play. Honest.

Cher Cunningham

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