Time Management for Entrepreneurs – Part 2 of 6

Last post, I told you that I want to share with you the difference between your planned schedule and reality and how to still celebrate what you accomplished even when reality interferes with your day.

Here is the second horrible truth of why time management so often fails for us.


No that is no acronym… though I could force one out for you 🙂  Laziness, Interruptions, Flu and Excursions?

You plan your day then the cat throws up… so you exercise late… so you can’t shower before that important phone call…. so you have to postpone that meeting so you can shower… so you have to skip lunch… etc etc

Or this one – the day start off fine, you have 3 hours of client service planned BUT that important phone call turns into an opportunity that deserves attention – you spend longer on the phone… type up a proposal… connect with a supplier or sub-contractor to verify details for half an hour… your 3 hours is gone and you did not get anything done on your client work.

But here is the thing – it feels like your day spiralled out of control BUT you still exercised (way to go), still completed that important phone call, re-scheduled the meeting and had it later in the day.

In the second situation – you got none of your client work done – and I am sure it was important. However you shifted your schedule to do something Urgent instead. And you re-book the block of client work to the afternoon or the following day.

This is why I added a column to my Time Management sheet and re-named it an Entrepreneur Journal.

So I can record what I intend to do AND what I actually accomplished. This way I still get to see a full day’s accomplishments in the important column ACTUAL at the end of the day. (And I can put a check mark beside each of them so I get my feeling of reward.)

By the way – in my schedule I am supposed to be using this time for filing – but I felt creative – so I switched my day to  Creative instead of Administrative. I will do my filing when I need a low effort activity when my brain is a bit more sluggish. Maybe tomorrow, or after church on Sunday.

Because I am recording both intended and actual tasks, I have a record of those things still to do to transfer to a future day.

Remember – that link on the right leads to a pdf of the Time Management tool I created for myself after all of my research and struggling was done.


Cher Cunningham

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