This is me on day 5 baby…

Lessons from day 2 – do not leap from your computer work-station to answer the phone while creating a video. Because, chances are, if you are leaping from your desk, you forgot to detach the microphone. And if you forgot to detach the microphone, your laptop will fling off of the desk. And if your laptop flings off the desk, the crash at the end of that slow-motion fall will irreparably damage your hard-drive. (And you probably haven’t backed up in six months have you?) Aah solopreneurs.

Which means I have to create 3 videos tomorrow. I did create a video on my ipad – which is still uploading on and off to drop box. Maybe I will work with my Flip camera a bit tomorrow.

This really does feel like grade 9 – sigh. Although I did not own a computer in grade 9 – we learned typing not keyboarding.

Cher Cunningham

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