The One Essential Piece of your Content Marketing Plan

The Content Calendar is an essential tool of your content marketing plan – keeping your platform current and active. This is the piece that makes the difference between 20 hours a week and 1 hour a week and compelling content vs complete flop.

Your Content Calendar is an actual breakdown of the body of work you are creating in your blog, your ideas for related case studies and the status updates that promote that theme or headline that you can share on Social Media.

It is designed around the content that your ideal customer needs and is searching for.

I find it useful to break this into monthly themes. Each headline throughout the month comes together to create a self-contained body of information on a theme.

For instance, in my case, one month may be Workshops and Seminars. Weekly topics could then include Structuring a Seminar, Turning a Seminar into a Workshop, Turning an Audience into Customers, Leveraging your Seminar Content.

I would then share links to each of these blog posts on Social Networking sites as they are posted. Next I would share infographics that show lead interaction vs. closing rates, successes of my clients, seminar vs. workshop definition, quotes and fun ideas about why to create your own workshop or seminar.

See how this theme fits into my strategy?

Break your information into twelve themes or broader topics. Break those into 4-6 titles. Then brainstorm all of the quotes, ideas, case studies, insider information, top 10 checklists, comparisons and actionable information you can think of. Keep in mind events you will be holding through the year and seasonally significant topics.

Include a list of who you might want to interview around each topic and try to share others’ views and ideas each month as well.

You will find when you group your information this way, that each month lends itself to creating a workshop and a mini e-book around this knowledge.

Plan to write for an hour a week – in your blog, in the blogs of your associates and in social media. Add a ten minute slot each day to see what others are saying and respond.

Download a sample spreadsheet.

Cher Cunningham

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