#SocialMedia ROI for the #solopreneur – the Missing Worksheet.

The path to #SocialMedia ROI for the #solopreneur is much different than that of the CEO or Big Brand entities.

We don’t have the time or staff to monitor social media, it cannot replace our customer service call center – we don’t have one.
We can set up a listening station and, much like we do with email, listen and respond at set times of day… most days.

When it comes to what to say and where to say it, I want to share this worksheet diagram from my course the Connection Equation. I used this in my lessons at Georgian College as well.

If we know our business goals, we can know exactly what to say on social media:



Each of our goals should be broken down by target market.

Eg – a portrait photographer specializing in family events and wedding has the following goal. Lets follow one strand as it would appear in the process worksheet above.

Goal 1 – increase Spring Photography packages by 20%

Step 1 – by Target Market:
Subgoal 1a – Book 30% more Family Easter Portraits
Subgoal 1b – Book 3 additional Spring Weddings

Step 2 – Targeted Solution
Solution 1a – Studio setup of backdrops, props and Easter Bunny. 3 levels of packages. Bonus treat bag and custom cards if booked online. NO DISCOUNTS AS INCENTIVES!

Step 3 – Design Landing Page
Landing Page 1a – Create a page with a slideshow playing of the backdrops, example photos from last year with testimonials, a special message from the Easter Bunny – customized by child name, the treats they will receive (maybe not candy but coupons from our partners – free pass at an indoor playground, a McDonalds invitation, an Easter Egg hunt at a petting zoo) and the cards customized with a child’s photo and special border.
Load it with Benefits
Show the 3 Packages
Add a Book my Time Button and take a deposit.

Step 3 – Related Content in Blog

Blog about  how excited   the Easter Bunny is to be coming to your studio. (Also turn it into a press release and send it to the local papers and radio). Maybe include a photo of the two of you signing the contract.
Benefit is an unforgettable day and a great memory photo.
Headline is Easter Bunny signs contract to Appear at XYZ Studio

Blog about how to create a sweet spring photo in unpredictable weather. Ideas for adorable umbrella pictures etc.
Benefit is creative ideas are better than perfect ideas
Headline is The Best Photos Happen When Things Go Wrong.

NOTE: Create an attractive AD for in or beside these Blog Posts that links to the landing page for Easter Bunny Portraits. Use a happy kid or a happy mom and kid with the Easter Bunny.

Step 4 – Social Media

“Secret contract signed by Easter Bunny at XYZ studio. ”
“Easter Bunny agrees that kids in XYZ town are extremely photogenic.”
“Easter Bunny signs sweet deal for Easter Portrait package.”
Make a fun video for Vine or Youtube. Be outrageous.

NOTE: Link to the Blog Page to read the story – that page has an ad about the full package including irresistible incentives.

That’s it – Social Media that ACTUALLY LEADS TO YOUR BUSINESS GOALS. Wow.

You can do this. I strongly suggest you map out your ideas first – You can use the free software Freemind for this. Download it here.
You can use this file as a starter template:
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Social Media ROI
F irst install the software, then download the file by right-clicking on the download link. Save link or Save target as to save it to your computer then open it in Freemind and start Mind-Mapping.[/hide]

theConnectionEquationTake the Full Course and learn how to create Compelling Social Media that is Customized to YOUR Goals: the Connection Equation





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Cher Cunningham

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