#Schedule All the Things (in Advance) especially #WordPress!

I love that so many things can be set up in advance with technology – birthday reminders, Twitter and Facebook alerts, IFTTT recipes, and Blog posts.

So last week when I disappeared, buried in errands and driving and vet visits, where was my blog post?

I didn’t have one pre-scheduled!

Much like the saying “the shoemakers kids go shoe-less,” I was focused on building courses, and caring for a million details and Thursday came and went with no post.

I WordPress I normally have 2 or 3 in the hopper. I also usually have a couple of more advanced articles in Dropbox that I work on when inspiration hits. Last week? Nothin’.

dateSo this week – a make-up session.

How to preschedule a post (or 6) using WordPress.  Just let me go open my Snipping Tool.

Here we go… I am logged in to the admin panel of WordPress and have clicked on Posts > Add New

Once I enter my information – and before I hit Publish I stop and set the date that the Post should appear.

The Publish button changes to Schedule and I can continue editing and saving as normal.

Repeat until stress reduces 🙂

Bonus – Jetpack does not share the post until it publishes either.




Cher Cunningham

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