Business Compatibility Quiz

1) At the start of the business day I am:
2) When I wake up in the middle of the night and think of my business, I feel:
3) If I had to rate my newest customers and clients, I would say:
4) When I look at the personalities and character of these customers I would say:
5) My business and I share a predilection for the same activities - the work I love to do is the work I actually get to do.
6) My business and I agree on work-life balance.
7) Financial compatibility: When it comes to how much money I need vs amount I draw:
8) When I consider the difference I make in the lives of my customers I think"
9) It's Friday afternoon! I can't wait to...
10) How would you rate the satisfaction you derive from this busines?
11) Honesty is core in any relationship - how does yours stack up? When people ask how things are going I say:
12) How rewarding/demanding is your business?

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