Time Management (is not for Entrepreneurs)


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Solopreneurs do not have a predictable day – and no one schedule works for us.

Time Management is Not Designed for Solopreneurs

Traditional schedules, Day-Timers™, calendar tools and diaries just don’t work for solopreneurs. For years I would buy books and systems thinking that if I just had the right system, I would finally be organized. Instead I would get into the system, a month or two would go by and I would realize I had not invoiced clients or tracked mileage or built up my business. Only my routine tasks were done. System after system led to feelings of failure.

Intuitively I felt that part of the issue was that I needed a routine; a set of tasks that start and end the day, week, month and quarter. Download this free book and system to discover how you can organize your day, keep things from slipping through the cracks, deal with the unexpected and accomplish the impossible (okay maybe not that last one).

Includes: full E-book Guide and editable time management sheets ready to print and use right away!


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