Passion to Traction Full Course


This home study course leads you through questions and worksheets to define the core passion that fuels you and your business. Next we work through 8 key online tools to identify and measure a hungry target market for your core solution.

Once we have proved the business is viable we design solutions that will resonate with that market and set goals and actions to launch your passion to the forefront of your business in the next 90 days.

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Step 1: Get crystal clear on your passion-driven purpose and vision.

Step 2: Uncover a hungry market for your solution.

Step 3: Build traction – take concrete actions toward goals that monetize and implement your dreams.

There are 6 Modules to this course delivered as workbook, video and email format. You get instant access to the workbook and video content with additional emails adding inspiration, examples and ideas over the coming weeks.

  1. Define your core passion – what drives you and then identify the solutions YOU should provide
  2. Discover a hungry target market in the audience that you feel called to serve
  3. Determine what that market feels they NEED
  4. Align your solutions to their needs
  5. Build a Passion Team that enhances your solutions
  6. When you have finished these steps you will write a Commitment Statement and set tangible 90-day goals and viable actions that lead to your success.

In 90 days you will have launched your passion to the forefront of your business.


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