Packages for the New Year? How does your marketing calendar grow?

If you have been in business for long, you have come across the terms Marketing Calendar and Content Calendar. You at least have a vague idea of what your marketing calendar is, and that it is time to update your marketing calendar for the new year.

For Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, Healers and Trainers the New Year is an exciting time – especially Feb 1 when people confess that they have not kept their New Year’s Resolutions. Rolling out a package in the first part of a new year is a critical part of your marketing.

Have you identified your first package of 2015?

Why do I keep saying package instead of promotion? A package pulls together all of the hours and meetings needed to achieve maximum impact. It may be two meetings or 3 phone calls or 6 reiki sessions. But it is to achieve a SOLUTION. Lose 20 pounds package. Write your novel in 3 months coaching series. Establish your online platform in 6 weeks (okay that one is mine 🙂 )

It is time to get very clear on your package. Answering these questions will help you create clarity and focus:

Package result:

Name your package:

Time or number of session involved:

Key benefits:

Target market (who needs this most? Not everyone! be specific):


How to purchase:

Is there a deadline?:

***What freebie would teach your target market how much they need this package and get them started?

***What 4 articles could you write that show your passion, expertise and start creating results for your target market?

***Write 4 exciting benefit-focused tweets/facebook posts about each of those articles (yes before you write the articles):

Who on your email list needs this package? Could benefit with a refresher? Could send you a referral?

What group (Networking, Women’s Group, Church etc) would enjoy a 30 minute presentation that gives a solid result related to this package?

What are our goals for this package? eg 20 new clients? 2 group sessions?:

Where will you feature this on your home page?:

What headline and benefits should you create on a Landing Page?:

Will you need a designer to assist you? Do you need to rent space? print signs or manuals?

***These go straight into your content calendar. Remember you can use WordPress to schedule posts and Bufferapp or Hootsuite to schedule social media.

I would love to hear about what you are creating and how it helps you attract the ideal clients for you.


Cher Cunningham

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