One-on-One Training

I am pleased to be able to offer one-one-one training in my local area at $50/hour. MInimum of 3 hours.

I will work with you and/or your assistant to teach you any of the following:

  • create a facebook profile, page and/or group
  • build a LinkedIN profile
  • find your ideal keywords and use them for search optimization
  • edit your website
  • place google or facebook ads
  • create a blog
  • brainstorm ideal blog headlines
  • build a content calendar
  • set up an email campaign
  • build a landing page, freebie and capture form
  • measure your ROI on your website, blog and social media
  • build an email list database
  • revise your internet marketing strategy
  • integrate your website, blog and social media

Imagine the freedom of easily being able to edit your own website in minutes! Identify an announcement or campaign and create the email series, automate and measure! Set up client sections on your website.

And know what IS working and what IS NOT.

Travel expenses apply for customers outside a half hour drive from my office.

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