Non-Linear Actions

Online we are design straight lines for our prospects to follow, but that does not mean anyone will follow them. This is a profound piece to wrap your mind around. Online nothing happens in a straight line.

This is part of the reason we need to create our calls-to-action around a subscription.

A visitor arriving at your website may see you are on Facebook and leave instantly. While on Facebook, they may read some updates. From there they may click on a blog post, tweet that post to a friend and visit an offer advertised in the side column of your blog. There they enter their name and email in order to get a free e-book or view a webinar.

It is only at this point that you can start leading their actions.


They will still be clicking on Facebook, liking or un-liking you, noticing your blog posts or Pins but you can also now send them a freebie link, share some bonus resources, send your newsletter.

Interwoven through their random actions you can insert some deliberate value – add some context and direction to their actions.

Cher Cunningham

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