New Business Checklist

Passion-Driven Business: Solopreneur Checklist

Starting a business about which you are passionate doesn’t just happen. Outlined below are the steps that will take you from the germ of a dream through to a foundation for a business launch based on your core purpose and the needs of your ideal client.


Company Name:
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Cpanel Username:                                 Password:

WordPress Username:                           Password:

Website Domain Name:
Blog Domain Name:
Facebook Page: URL:

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Twitter Profile: URL:

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Course One: Passion to Traction Identify Skills, Values, Experience & Passion
Craft individual Purpose & Vision
Identify Persona, Voice and Polarizing Message
Create Ideal Client Personas
Research Ideal Client’s Core Need and Online Activity
Edit Keywords Worksheet With top Search Engine Keywords and Client Expressed Needs
Define YOUR Business Purpose & Vision
Craft Focus & Goals
Map Out Goals: Strategy and Measurables (KPI)
Course 2: the Connection Equation Create Connection Equation Strategy


Write Bio
Setup Social Media Feeder
Setup Social Media, News and Blog Listening Stations
Setup Content Calendar With 12 themes and 4 Headlines Per theme
Design Website and Blog Sitemap
Build Core Solutions and Benefits-Driven Pages
Identify Pillar Posts and Write
Course 3: Passion to Platform Create Compelling Freebie (One For Each Client-Solution Pair)
Register Domain Name(S)
Setup Domain Email Addresses
install WordPress On Blog Domain
Create About Page and Link to Social Media Profiles
Add Social Sharing Links
Add Bufferapp Integration
Select Email/Autoresponder Software Solution
Select Landing Pages Software Solution
Set-Up top of Hourglass / Funnel On Landing Pages in Main Website
Design Auto-Responder Series For Freebie Delivery and 3-5 Day Follow-Up
Add Customer Autoresponder List to Main Site Customer Process
Setup Paypal Account With Your Main Website Domain Email Address
Enable Solutions Shopping Cart and Link to Paypal
Test All Aspects of Your Process From Landing Page, Download, Purchase to Final Email in the Series.
insert Ads to Your Sales Site in Side Column of Your Blog Site
Obtain Benefit-Laden Testimonials and Add to Landing Pages (Try to Get Photos or Video)
Create Landing Page Split Tests
Create Small Budget Ads on Twitter and Facebook to Test your Landing Page Conversion Rate
Send Online Press Release About New Site or New Business
Start Executing your Content Calendar
Announce to Friends and Family
4 Create Blogworking or Local Social Domination Strategy


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