Myth of #entrepreneurship freedom, #mompreneur?

When I became a single mom, I knew I needed to earn money but my babies were so young.

I wanted the freedom of running my own business so that I could attend events at the school, stay home if my child was sick, set my own hours.

Sadly, I had no training, no mentor and no business model to tell me how to start a business that actually included that freedom.

After 10 years, my business owned me. I was tired and cranking and just making enough money not to quit. Luckily for me, personal stress multiplied and I had no choice. I had to close my business. I was not serving my customers well and I wasn’t even remembering to invoice them half the time.

So why is this lucky?

This infographic from shows the dream is alive – this applies to us Canadians too 🙂

But I can tell this is skewed into the SME rather than the entrepreneur or mompreneur! Have a peek.. my answers sure don’t match theirs.

Cher Cunningham

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