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Marketing is different for #Solopreneurs & #Homebiz

The Problem

Marketing is different for Solopreneurs. But we try to market like the big boys. You cannot apply the same ideas and principles to your marketing that brands apply to theirs. The Marriott has no lessons for us. McDonalds is not a small business.

There is no level playing field.

We work alone. We are driven by our unique knowledge, passion and experience.  Our brand is a personal brand – a promise –  not a logo.

When I was a website designer I would meet many new business owners. They all had stars in their ideas and fear and hope underlying their plans. I would tell each one – no matter how tough or confident they appeared that  “One day in the first year, you are going to wake up in the middle of the night seized by anxiety, overwhelmed by the reality of starting your own business. You are going to be filled with doubts and ask yourself any number of rude and cruel questions. Why did I think I could do this? I am no business person. Why didn’t I keep my safe job (or find a new one)?”

Then I would tell them to call me for coffee the next morning because every solopreneur goes through this.

So many entrepreneurs feel this is it. Keep going or quit. Suck it up or admit failure. They work 60-80 hour weeks getting more and more exhausted and depressed. They do not have the energy or the will to make changes. They wear themselves out and blame themselves for not working hard enough. Yes – this is where the statement – don’t work harder, work smarter comes in.

The Solution

You are here for a purpose. You transform the quality of your customers’ lives. The more closely the service you offer touches the real you, the more your message resonates with your audience.

Build that passion into your business. Into your life.

This is why story works. Story built around passion and emotion. This is why 100% of purchasing decision are made based on emotion then defended with logic.

Passion is built easier with teamwork.

We need to connect to Passion Teams to build our passion and power with like minded people.

The Vision

Your passion drives content that creates value for the people who resonate with it. Your interaction builds trust and knowledge so that you can design solutions that will monetize your effort. The more “real” you are to your core passion and purpose, the more “ideal” your customers are.

You CAN build a business filled with passion and energy serving people you love to work with.

Find a small group of people who serve the target market you focus on and also desire a business they love to work in.

Stand out as a team and in a team online and offline. You will all be energized and your

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Cher Cunningham

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