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The Non-Digital Natives are Nervous – #homebiz

My target market is a nervous one.  #homebiz and #mompreneurs

They are not digital natives. They know themselves and their business and their customers but find technology a bit too amorphous. They cannot pin it down and worry about making mistakes.

I get it.


In fact my courses are easy to use one you have access to them.

So what is the issue? Getting you comfortable with the idea that you can do this.

I understand how you feel – in fact a lot of my students felt that way at first – we start with a meeting and consultation in person so they have a game plan and see how I teach.

Often though, I have found that once people just take the first step they surprise themselves.

Step one: visit my website
Step two: Click on the $1 Sale image
Step three: choose one or more courses to add to your cart
Step four: Checkout (you will create a login during the checkout)
Step five: After sale goes through, come back to the site and login (there is a box on the right that asks for the login or show if you are already logged in.
Step six: Click on Memberzone
The page that comes up will show you the courses you have access to. Click on the title and all of the modules and units show up ready for you to click and follow.
I embed video and worksheets to help you follow through step by step

Nervous technology users are my ideal target market so I teach with them in mind. So while I would love to sit with you after or talk on Skype or phone – it is critical to my goals to see how this works for you if you jump in without me first 🙂

It is critical to your growth too!

Cher Cunningham

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