Lesson 9 – Easy Social Sharing with #WordPress and #Jetpack

This video shows you how to get more out of Jetpack.

Social Sharing WordPress Plugin from Jetpack

Under your Jetpack Settings, Engagement menu you will see a tool called Sharing. After you Activate this tool, you need to configure it how you want it to work.

Social Sharing for Visitors

Social Sharing is found at the bottom of the tool page. The Social Sharing icons have a range of social platforms to choose from. Select the ones you want. and Save. It is as easy as that. Now visitors can quickly share a post they like.

After this, I also add the plugin “Custom Tweaks for Jetpack” so that those sharing icons show up right at the top of the page or post. That makes them very easy to see and use.

Publicize on your Networks

The next part of the Sharing tool that we discuss takes you through how to automagically share your new posts and pages on the social media sites you are active on. As soon as you hit Publish, it sends a notice to your profiles and pages. It includes the title and link address of your post as it shares. (This is why I put hashtags right in my title.) Remember you can also post directly to social media several times about the same post… just create 3 – 5 key ideas or quotes from your post and schedule them after your post goes up. In fact, for Evergreen content – that content that is valuable any time – you can cycle those social media posts in several times a year.

Click to Tweet Plugin

Bonus plugin: Click to Tweet.

Hope this video is useful – let me know if you have any questions or requests.



Cher Cunningham

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