Lesson 6 – Improving the #WordPress Content Editor

I did record a video for today’s post but I have not finished editing it. The problem with taping through all of the hiccups and issues is that then when you want to look slick and pro… there is a lot of cutting to do!

The basic content editor in WordPress is fine. Really it is fine. In fact if you start out with using it with all of its limitations you will end up with posts and pages that are easy to read, are responsive and search engines will even like you more. BUT you can follow good habits with an upgraded editor too!

When you want text to stand out, format it as heading 1 or heading 2.

Don’t insert tables (unless you really have to).

Simple single column scannable text is easy to read from desktop to cell phone.

So what can we add to expand the tools in our Content Editor?

In my video (available tomorrow) you will see that I recommend two tools to start with. I do have a few other tools that I will share in an advanced content plugins post.  

TinyMCE Advanced

Adds some nice enhancements to the basic editor: fonts, sizes, colours, tables and other tools that may make your creation process more comfortable.

It also works alongside my next recommendation..

Page Builder by SiteOrigin

Page Builder is a truly exciting enhancement once you get the hang of it.

This drag and drop interface lets you easily build complex layouts within your post. Add a row, select the number of columns then add text, images or widgets to each cell of the row. As you expand the complexity of the site, you will have additional widgets to choose from such as featured product, related posts etc.

After building the rows, you may prefer to go into Live edit mode for a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) view of your content.

Remember as with all plugins, login to your domain.com/wp-admin and click on Plugins, Add New then search by name. Click Install and then Activate.

I will get the video up tomorrow as well as another on sourcing royalty free and Creative Commons images for your site and uploading using the Media manager.

Cher Cunningham

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