Lesson 5 – Planning your #WordPress #Website

As you get ready to blog there are a couple of steps that will make a big difference for you later on:

  1. Create a website map
  2. Create content categories
    1. Set up categories for your blog
    2. Lay things out in clean menus and provide easy access through widgets
  3. Build a content calendar

This tutorial today takes you through the basics on what a sitemap is and how to translate that into site content.

Watch the video first then create your own sitemap and then go into WordPress and set up your core categories in the Posts/Categories section. As you add a post to your blog, you will select which category it belongs to so that you can later link to all of the posts in that category or share a link to the category in a seamless way.

Now as you imagine building out your blog over the next 12 months, come up with a Content Calendar. Download Excel file:  contentcalendar  Start on the sheet named 1-6 months.

The calendar itself helps you map out 13 themes with 4 headlines per theme. This way, when you sit down to write for an hour you don’t spend the whole time trying to decide what to write about!!

I also suggest that you identify which hashtag you are going to use with each post when you share it on social media. You will see that I include hashtags in my titles so that when WordPress pushes them to my Social Media profiles they are more visible. To find your own set of 3-6 hashtags to cycle through, use hashtagify.me to find popular ones in your niche. You can pop them in the keyword column of your content calendar.


Cher Cunningham

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