Lesson 3 – Basic #WordPress blogsite setup (pages, posts, blog vs site)

The third lesson (I am willing to upload) takes you through those very first steps after you have your WordPress Software installed on your hosting (and you look at it and say “What next?”).

WordPress can be set up as a blog – which it is by default. But, in fact, you don’t have to have a blog on your WordPress site at all!

These trainings are going to focus on setting up a Blogsite – a combination of a standard website with the power of blogging/content marketing added.

For this you need to understand the difference between the use of Pages and Posts in WordPress – and how to make them display where you want them. We will get into formatting them to display how you want them to look in future lessons.

A page on your WordPress site is static. It only shows up if you put a link to it in the Menu of the site or in another post or page.

A post is a blog entry. It is dynamic and shows up in your list of latest posts and in your blog page.

This video shows how to add pages and then set your WordPress up to show a static page on your main domain with a separate link to your main blog. Then how to add a menu and add a blog menu item so that you end up with a Blogsite.

Cher Cunningham

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