Images for Your Blog – part 1 of 4

One of the things that enhances your content and attracts attention is a compelling image.  It can be difficult, however, to find or create images that you have the rights to use.

In part one we look at images that are ready to go and free to use.

Finding images: Google images is not a source of free (copyright-free) images. However, if you filter that search to only include creative commons images, you can use them at will.  Go to and type in your search phrase – such as “business growth” and check off the boxes that allow you to use and modify for commercial use.


Next click on Google Images for your search engine.

You will end up with results you are free to use:


Next – click on the image you want, click view image to go to that image file.

Now you can right-click on the image and save it to your computer…. give it a name you will recognize and put it in a logical location.

Now when you are on WordPress, you can add a post, click Add Media (just under the title and permalink text) and then Upload Files. When it is uploaded, you can select Thumbnail, Medium or Full Size and then click Insert Into Post. Done!addmedia


Cher Cunningham

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