Google+ is Going Nowhere

Guest Post by: William Hackstetter

The title of this article is not misleading, instead it is a double entendre… Google+ is not going to disappear. It is a reality that all business owners are going to have to take control of and make some decisions about.

Google+ is Here to Stay

Googleplus-logoWith the popularity of the Google Search Engine, Google+ is essential for your local business. When someone is searching for a local provider of your product or service, those results that show up on the map and in the top list are Google+ pages. Whether you manage the page or not, that is how Google chooses to display your business. If you do not register a Google+ account and claim that page so that you can edit it, it will quickly get out of date, may present erroneous or misleading information, and does not optimize you correctly for YOUR preferred category and keywords.

Gmail has taken over as a third party email. If you have a Gmail account, you have a Google+ account already… and it is already collecting information about you, your location, activities and preferences.

Youtube is owned by Google. When Google purchased Youtube a few years ago, all Youtube users were ported into a Google+ account.

But the biggest reason Google+ is around to stay is the success of Android. As an app developer creating Android apps, am I going to create my own registration system (that I will constantly need to edit to stay up-to-date) or use Android’s built in Google+ one-click authentication system. Customers are weary of passwords. While privacy is still a fear, the inconvenience of remembering all of the passwords for each different format – Did I have a capital Q or lowercase? Did I have to add a symbol? How long did this password have to be? Did I add numbers at the beginning? It is maddening!

Google+ Will Never Catch On

As a social media platform, Google+ is still a fail. What the hell are circles (don’t answer that). Facebook trained us what social media should be and do. It created habits and laziness so that we could save time – spend only 3 hours instead of 5 hours a day on facebook 🙂

We expect all social media to behave like facebook. We don’t want to choose who to share our updates with. That wastes needless seconds. How many of us ever new facebook had lists, let alone made lists. And its too late to start now. Hundreds of connections now need to be categorized? What if they belong to more than one category (circle) – just not worth my time.

Instead, I use twitter, it is the source of my news, tech updates and more obnoxious inspiring quotes than I need in a single day. It lets me send a direct message instantly to my friends’ and associates’ phones, add a photo, poll, @name or hashtag to organize my life. I can even favorite something to look at later.  Simple, simple interface… and great apps to search and use along side the main site.

Do I trust facebook or twitter to authenticate with? Not a chance. I trust the monopoly of Android and Google+ for sleek, just-works convenience and security every time.

Google+ is dead. Long live Google+      Tweet this

Will is an app developer and geek with dreams of one day opening a hipster cafe.

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