Lesson 10 – WP_MEMORY_LIMIT Fixing #WordPress Memory Limit Allocation

If you have ever lost a day or a week trying to figure out why your upgrade or plugin crashed your WordPress site, hopefully you already know this fix. Sadly because you have already seen the error wp_memory_limit pop up.

You may have even restored a backup, tried the same plugin install and NOT had the error pop-up. When the server hiccups during an install or upgrade, it can be terribly irritating. For you, dear reader, I have hopes of you never seeing this error on your site.

So for an ounce of prevention, follow the instructions in this 100 second video. It will take about that long to carry out too! Compare that to days of trouble shooting and crying needlessly into your pillow.

Here is that line of code:

define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘128M’);

Cher Cunningham

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