Drafting an Online Course

Ideas to Reality - Course Creation Online

Ideas to Reality – Course Creation Online

Many of you know that I have been taking my seminars and college courses and converting them to online learning – specifically redesigned for the solopreneur over 45 years of age.

The biggest challenges to creating a product – even the ones I want to give free – is deciding how much value to put in.

If I put too much into a free course, first I will never get to the paid courses, second how much larger do those paid courses have to be? third, how much homework do you really want to do on a free course?

If the free course takes 20 minutes to do and changes one huge aspect of your thinking, that is the ultimate. But teaching people who are not “digital natives” takes longer. Especially online. If I go too fast I will lose you – then instead of being thrilled you end up annoyed.

So my methodology has become:

  1. Start with a one hour lesson-plan objective.
  2. Write out a single strong objective.
  3. Determine the jargon and processes that need to be taught first.
  4. Build the lesson.
  5. Create stories and anecdotes to illustrate the lesson.
  6. Create the worksheet.
  7. Create any video required.

Each hour of teaching takes me about 6 hours to complete now. Maybe “complete” is a misnomer. I tweak and add and edit and clarify a lot as step 8.  🙂

Of course that is just the start – next I need to decide on delivery – and then marketing.

For Delivery – this goes into my WordPress site – but using which plugin?  I may provide it as a downloadable pdf plus 3 emails that link back to examples, video and additional resources – this helps keep the learner motivated and builds continuity in the course. For this I use WooCommerce (digital download), Paypal and MailPoet for the emails. The videos I create with Camtasia and upload to youtube for the free courses or my site for paid courses.

For Marketing – I am a solopreneur which means I am working on this – I write out the benefits, create a nice image and create a description – hopefully low on jargon and heavy on benefits.

The biggest thing I am looking for now is partners – this is key to online networking (this is going into a future course and app called blogworking).


Cher Cunningham

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