Design your Website with Your Goals in Sight – MindMapping

Using an org-chart is not the way to lay out your site map.

Start with the end in sight. Why do you have a website? No, really. What part does it play in your sales process? What step should your site visitors take? Start with your landing pages and your process then work back from there to decide how to string them together.

You should be doing the thinking, not your website visitor. What should they click on? and then what? and then what? At one point do they give you contact details, purchase? and then what?

When your site makes it easy to take the next step, it is more likely to happen (so go download the free chapters of Platform as your next step and learn how to apply this). Using mind mapping as a layout structure for your ideas is a flexible method of capturing your high-value, high-action pages and be sure your site architecture is focussed on results.


Cher Cunningham

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