Lesson 7 – Finding Images for your #WordPress #Blog

This lesson is a quick one – strongest takeaway: You can find great images for your #Wordpress #Blog without infringing on copyright! Click To Tweet From your own logo and photos to CCSearch and Pixabay, explore ways to find images that you have the rights to use. If you need images or illustrations created for […]


Video Challenge (Day 1)… Challenging

Thus begins my saga… Started at 10:00 – my Mac is overheating and creating lots of fuzzy fan noises in the background of my video. I put it to sleep for 10 minutes which then helped for about 5 minutes. I am trying out my Snowball microphone to see if it will do a better […]

What is a “good” #businessidea #entrepreneur ?

This summer, I was experimenting in some home schooling with my youngest boy Xavier. He has always seen me involved in business and proposed a couple of ideas he would like to learn about – first starting a business, and second, programming. Go figure 🙂 So I looked around for some simple curriculum for elementary school […]

Steps to Success

Forced into #Entrepreneurship

Sometimes I feel that self-employment is the biggest scam perpetrated by our society/governments. There are so many incentives and programs, small business centers and promotion about starting your own business. We even have programs to entice our youth into entrepreneurship. What we don’t have is a system of solid start-up for the average entrepreneur. With […]

Steps to Success

Marketing is different for #Solopreneurs & #Homebiz

The Problem Marketing is different for Solopreneurs. But we try to market like the big boys. You cannot apply the same ideas and principles to your marketing that brands apply to theirs. The Marriott has no lessons for us. McDonalds is not a small business. There is no level playing field. We work alone. We […]

#Schedule All the Things (in Advance) especially #WordPress!

I love that so many things can be set up in advance with technology – birthday reminders, Twitter and Facebook alerts, IFTTT recipes, and Blog posts. So last week when I disappeared, buried in errands and driving and vet visits, where was my blog post? I didn’t have one pre-scheduled! Much like the saying “the shoemakers […]

What Makes a Compelling Product

Why would I buy your product? The catch-all response would seem to be easy: because your product fulfills a need that I have. But this isn’t precisely the case. I buy – not because it does what I actually need – but because it does what I think I need.  I may not know what I actually need! […]

Joining a Group for #Marketing

We have all heard one “guru” or another say it – “Market your business through online groups”. Worse – “Post your ads in online groups”!! My first online group experience was back in the heyday of online social. I say that sort of tongue-in-cheek but it was so much easier to connect back then. The […]

What Makes You an Expert?

An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made, in a narrow field. Niels Bohr For some of us, it is hard to claim the title of expert.  But, when you look at the sum total of what you do, there are certain aspects in which you have “seen […]

stage performance event_G1PHqvtu

What should YOUR Platform do?

An online platform, first and foremost, is a place to express your passion and expertise in order to help others. Creating your platform includes a website and or blog/blogsite, email and social media. What are the biggest challenges I hear about building a platform? It feels calculated. How will I stand out? I don’t want […]

Jetpack – a treasure trove of functionality

Often as I am seeking a solution, I discover it right here in the Jetpack plugin. I started my experience with WordPress on the hosted version at wordpress.com before upgrading to a full self-hosted website. It seemed like a dreadful either/or choice as I lost some of the fabulous features of the hosted version – […]

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