Back Story

Building a Goal into a Habit…

I really do want to create video tutorials – even more, I want to create video tutorials of value, quickly and professionally. This is actually a BIG goal. And the one thing I always told my entrepreneurial clients, “If you cannot turn your goal into weekly and daily activities that you add to your schedule […]

Drafting an Online Course

Many of you know that I have been taking my seminars and college courses and converting them to online learning – specifically redesigned for the solopreneur over 45 years of age. The biggest challenges to creating a product – even the ones I want to give free – is deciding how much value to put […]

This is me on day 5 baby…

Lessons from day 2 – do not leap from your computer work-station to answer the phone while creating a video. Because, chances are, if you are leaping from your desk, you forgot to detach the microphone. And if you forgot to detach the microphone, your laptop will fling off of the desk. And if your […]


90 Videos in 90 Days

Video can teach so much in a very short time – it allows screen capture tutorials, powerpoint and images to illustrate your key points and puts a face to your persona. So why do I hate creating video? I hate my voice, I am hyper-critical, I am not a videographer – should I keep making […]

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