Campaigns and Automated Process

Last week in class I created a youtube video for my students to help illustrate some complex ideas.

When working with online marketing, our goal of course is to get people to buy. Failing that, it is to get a name and an email address in order to share with them value.

With these ends, it is important to design campaigns and processes (funnels) to entice, convert and follow-through and follow up. These processes should have a definite beginning – and equally important a definite end. Each step in the process should have a purpose.

So, for instance, if a young mother is on Google searching for family friendly resorts within driving distance, you should have a landing page optimized for her and based on her needs. The title and offer of that page should contain the search terms she is either likely to use, or likely to resonate with.
This way, Google Search Results will show a listing that has the title and offer that she identifies with and thus is more likely to click.
So the purpose of optimizing is to have your landing page (not your home page) show up well for that search term, AND for the listing to include the search term to build confidence to CLICK/VISIT.

On the landing page itself, the purpose is to prove that you provide what is needed related to that search term in order to get your visitor to CONVERT to a customer and BOOK a stay.

After booking, the next page is the Thank you page. The purpose of this is to assure the customer that their reservation is confirmed and their room(s) will be waiting. This builds confidence and reduces charge-backs.

About a week or two before the stay another email is sent with the purpose of UP-Selling and BUILDING RELATIONSHIP.
And so on to include on-site marketing and CRM and the point where you have requested feedback after the stay and thanked them.

The next complexity is determining how this process should be different for existing customers. Personalization can build loyalty and return visits and referrals.

Then we look at what Key Performance Indicators you can employ to determine if your pages, offers and emails are working. Showing that visits tells you nothing but bookings/visits is a useful calculation.

Lastly showing how to determine whether you can place online ads and how much you can pay for an ad based on visitor value.

Lots of complexity – this could be a 40 hour course on its own! I don’t have that luxury but the concepts are essential for online marketing plans so a video that compresses that info seemed my best bet.

I started with a whiteboard sketching video using Easy Sketch Pro then added some screen capture video with Camtasia. Next I created an excel file that mapped out one  process.

If you would like to see the video watch below – keep in mind it is created for 2nd year hospitality students but has very transferable ideas. I welcome any questions or input. Do you have a standard process for re-selling or for launching new packages or products?

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