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Building #elearning #course on #Udemy vs Tutorial – Key Difference

The collision of two universes… I have been a college teacher for 5 years (which does include online elements and video creation but within a classroom environment), a seminar leader for 12, a coach and trainer for 12, a professional speaker for 4. Each world requires a different type of skills.

Any speaker/teacher needs a few common skills: humour, clarity, purpose, mastery of the skill they are teaching, credibility.

But, each type of teaching is a bit different – and should be.

A tutorial is a task based fully complete short lesson for a single purpose. When I teach you how to register for Mail Chimp or Aweber or MailPoet and set up a drip campaign and then integrate it on the home page or Landing page of your website, that is straightforward. These are skills I can easily share in a single sitting.

The interesting thing is, unless you are crystal clear on your marketing, understand email marketing and have created a client process, traffic strategy and understand the landing page and follow-up process – this ain’t gonna do you a whole helluva lot of good.

Where does the tutorial fit in the larger world of online marketing learning? As a bonus or enticement or an add-on learning.

What if I had a webinar with a case study or example of how a single home business owner came up with an incentive, landing page and capture, drip campaign for their ideal target market? This would deepen the theoretical understanding wouldn’t it? And bring the learning for the tutorial to life.

But could my audience then do that on their own? Some. If they know their target market, have 1 year and 3 year goals for their business, have created a sales funnel or client process so that they know exactly how to create a compelling incentive and how they want to follow up.

See how this gets messy?

Online learning and classroom learning is based on the theory that all learning needs to be “scaffolded” to take you from where you are now, to where you need to be – whether you know where that is or not.

My target market things they need to “get the social media thing”. That is it. Sounds simple doesn’t it. I have an excellent blog post that explains it so thoroughly and logically it would blow you away. But without the context of a full course – it will not change your life.

See as a teacher what I know is that if you need help to understand how social media works, there is a scaffold of marketing strategy that you need to understand and apply before you will transform your social media and be able to create actual results.

You cannot stand out with a beige, boring business that is empty of passion and differentiators. So your step one may be creating a brilliant persona and business story of why you are in this business at all.

Social media that does not lead to action is wasted. So you need to understand content marketing, email marketing and freebie/landing page calls to action.

Social media that ignores the needs of the target market is ignored right back. So you need to know how to build a target market profile and find out what that market is searching for, reading and saying… what their pain points, dreams and frustrations are.

See, I know the home business needs a full course to create or re-create a business that feeds the with energy, profit, satisfaction and freedom. They think they need to understand social media. They are the same thing.

As I build this course on udemy, I find myself deviating into the college course side of my teaching more and more and leaving the 10-minute tutorial behind as simply Click Bait or Clicksand that wastes your time at worst, opens your eyes to possibilities without creating change at best.

A 3 hour course is a far better use of your time than a 10 to 20 minute tutorial… if you actually need to effect change in your life. Tutorials are for people with issues that crop up within a larger understanding. Courses should build a fuller understanding within a context.

Cher Cunningham

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