Building a Goal into a Habit…

I really do want to create video tutorials – even more, I want to create video tutorials of value, quickly and professionally. This is actually a BIG goal. And the one thing I always told my entrepreneurial clients, “If you cannot turn your goal into weekly and daily activities that you add to your schedule – and turn into habits, you will never reach them.” 

Brilliant huh? 

So why did my 30 videos in 30 days end up being 18 videos in 12 days (only 3 of which were usable)?

Two reasons actually: I did not create a process for them with a 1 minute sample, and I did not set a time and day to work on them. 

So there were always kids around or background noise or distractions or bad light… which started to feel like a bunch of excuses and failure.

Failure is information not an event.

Re-starting this process tomorrow, I have a new plan. My family will know that at 11 am each day I am recording video. As the house in Amityville Horror would say “GET OUT!” (Picture that in a harsh and spooky whisper.)

So today I am playing with Camtasia 3 and lots of background noise and distraction, just shovelled the driveway look to my hair and makeup 🙂 to set up a process, intro and get a feel for it again.

My sister across the country in BC values my videos – even the crappy ones that don’t make it to the website. My daughter is starting a business as well as a blog and appreciates the tutorials. So I am going to build this around their needs. They are my customers! They are both stay at home entrepreneurs with a solid niche to build within. I have been working with them on business planning and marketing strategy to help monetize their knowledge and digital assets (photos, ebooks etc). Neither of them have the thousands of dollars to hire someone to create their websites and build their marketing.

Phase one is planning and building a website.

Phase two is integrate marketing and lead generation funnels.

Phase three is traffic and partnerships.

I hope this goes better. I am setting an alarm for 11 am every weekday that says “Video”. Right Now. For Real… Here I go. 🙂

Cher Cunningham

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