Blogworking Course – Leverage your Network with #blogs

Investing time in an online strategy can be daunting when you are a s. In fact any marketing tends to be shoved to the back burner due to day to day working in the business… but online even more so.

There are 3 big reasons we push online marketing to the back burner

  • We really are busy
  • We do not know what we want – who is our ideal customer, what are they looking for, are they researching or buying, why, what do I want them to buy from me most.
  • We just don’t understand the technology piece

Blogworking, the course and the practice can actually help you with all of those points. See it is not just that we are busy, when we are busy, tackling things that are not task oriented and straightforward is daunting… especially if we are unsure of the results.

This leads to the second issue – we don’t know what we want. If someone told us – you want all of the facebook followers of NIKE to try a free sample of your shark cartillage supplement so that you can send them a coupon to register for monthly shipping and convert them into a customer and your business will succeed, wouldn’t that make life simple? We would darn well figure out the technology piece for it!! (and discover that we can do this in about 15 minutes a day once it is set up)

Instead we go on LinkedIN and update our profile. Pop over to facebook and reply on all of those photos that seem to show up top of the feed, maybe pin a photo of our latest work and tweet about a meeting coming up. And if we are honest with ourselves we spend even more time reading STUFF, not news or valuable updates but the STUFF that clutters our feeds, kittens and sensationalist news and other clickbait. When we finally surface, half an hour or more has passed and we cannot see how this possibly helped our business.

Blogworking will lead you step by step to set up your own system to source or create short, compelling content that generates leads for your business.

There are several key elements you will discover – what content your target market needs and is searching for now, how to build a social network that will consistently promote you and your product, how to stand out and dominate the local or niche marketplace, how to turn a referral into a lead online, how to stay on task and up to date so your time online is leveraged, not wasted.

As a solopreneur you must set yourself up as the expert. Share your passion about what you do. Hone in on where your excellence or your knowledge truly excel. Then demonstrate that through an online website that allows you to share short compelling insider information to the target market you want to work with. Yes a blog.

Search engines love blogs too – sometimes more than they love news sites. You may find your blog entry in Google within two hours. The same content on your website might take two months to get added.

Writing in a blog can sound like a huge project – and of course it is work. And if you do not have a plan it is time wasted instead of time invested. However, with our strategy and technology advice we show you how to find, use and create original content that will resonate. Then how to use that hand-picked online network to multiply its reach.
We will work through the five aspects of online content and how they feed each other to deliver maximum impact and then re-cycle that content to reach new prospects on an ongoing basis.
Blog, Landing Page, Social, Search Engine and App. All of the strategy development and technology training you need to take you from beginner to maintenance mode. Lets get started – use Coupon Code Solo30 for an instant discount of 30% off just for watching this to the end.

Cher Cunningham

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