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I just added this video to my free course: Blogsite Foundations.  Yet Another 3 Minute WordPress Install

Setting up a WordPress site is so easy. You can do it yourself with the software available through your host. Granted the core blog is unattractive and not very useful, but when you realize that all of the other technology you do need can be just as easy to implement – or easier – that is what makes this task exciting.

I highly recommend you invest in a self-hosted blogsite. Pop over to and set one up for cheap and you will still have the full amazing features of a high-end website.

More important than the site is the confidence you will gain and the turn-on-a-dime ability to promote new ideas and products online – YOURSELF.

There is a time and a place for paying someone else to do something – graphic design, heart surgery, creme brulee. Content marketing on your online platform is not the place for this. When you pay someone else to write as you, this is where delegating becomes abdicating. So go get a domain and cheap hosting at GoDaddy. Then register to work through the full course here: Blogsite Foundations. Time needed? About an hour if you do the set up along with me in the course.

When you are ready to go further in depth, take the Landing Page to Email Marketing course (also currently free for a limited time).

Cher Cunningham

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