Campaigns and Automated Process

Last week in class I created a youtube video for my students to help illustrate some complex ideas. When working with online marketing, our goal of course is to get people to buy. Failing that, it is to get a name and an email address in order to share with them value. With these ends, […]

What Makes a Compelling Product

Why would I buy your product? The catch-all response would seem to be easy: because your product fulfills a need that I have. But this isn’t precisely the case. I buy – not because it does what I actually need – but because it does what I think I need.  I may not know what I actually need! […]

Joining a Group for #Marketing

We have all heard one “guru” or another say it – “Market your business through online groups”. Worse – “Post your ads in online groups”!! My first online group experience was back in the heyday of online social. I say that sort of tongue-in-cheek but it was so much easier to connect back then. The […]

New Business Checklist

Passion-Driven Business: Solopreneur Checklist Starting a business about which you are passionate doesn’t just happen. Outlined below are the steps that will take you from the germ of a dream through to a foundation for a business launch based on your core purpose and the needs of your ideal client. COMPANY INFORMATION Company Name: Godaddy […]


Build Your Presence with Influencers

Influencers are those people who have already built a name, a platform, a following with your target market. This video explains who they are and how to interact with them to build a win-win-win for you, your network and the influencer. Even a like or a favorite can make you stand out on less active […]

Passion Drives your Uniqueness

Today’s video is about reaching into your heart, into your passion, by asking the right questions. Passion feeds your Purpose, Vision and Core Message –  it is how you “do the social media thing” how you stand out. Watch the video then grab the course Passion to Traction… the first module is on me.

Drafting an Online Course

Many of you know that I have been taking my seminars and college courses and converting them to online learning – specifically redesigned for the solopreneur over 45 years of age. The biggest challenges to creating a product – even the ones I want to give free – is deciding how much value to put […]

The One Essential Piece of your Content Marketing Plan

The Content Calendar is an essential tool of your content marketing plan – keeping your platform current and active. This is the piece that makes the difference between 20 hours a week and 1 hour a week and compelling content vs complete flop. Your Content Calendar is an actual breakdown of the body of work […]

Pillars of Your Platform

Among the popular jargon that marketing geeks have been touting is the concept of your platform. All this really means is where you stand and what you stand for. It replaces a previous, and just as annoying term, USP – Unique Selling Proposition. What it boils down to is determining what relationship you want to […]

Non-Linear Actions

Online we are design straight lines for our prospects to follow, but that does not mean anyone will follow them. This is a profound piece to wrap your mind around. Online nothing happens in a straight line. This is part of the reason we need to create our calls-to-action around a subscription. A visitor arriving […]

What Makes You an Expert?

An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made, in a narrow field. Niels Bohr For some of us, it is hard to claim the title of expert.  But, when you look at the sum total of what you do, there are certain aspects in which you have “seen […]

stage performance event_G1PHqvtu

What should YOUR Platform do?

An online platform, first and foremost, is a place to express your passion and expertise in order to help others. Creating your platform includes a website and or blog/blogsite, email and social media. What are the biggest challenges I hear about building a platform? It feels calculated. How will I stand out? I don’t want […]

Creating the Environment for Success

Your physical space and your virtual space can either help you or slow you down. When you spend five minutes searching for something – whether it is your microphone or your twitter login, by the time you find it you are stressed, annoyed and have lost your train of thought. When my laptop flew off […]

This is me on day 5 baby…

Lessons from day 2 – do not leap from your computer work-station to answer the phone while creating a video. Because, chances are, if you are leaping from your desk, you forgot to detach the microphone. And if you forgot to detach the microphone, your laptop will fling off of the desk. And if your […]


Basic LinkedIn Setup (video day 2 of 90 days)

Day 2 of 90 Videos in 90 Days. Yes, still looking amateur – and sitting too low for the video capture. This file started as 20 minutes. Took longer to delete the extra than record. Got it down to just over 5 minutes. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I love linkedIN  – it is like having breakfast with your […]

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