Steps to Success

Forced into #Entrepreneurship

Sometimes I feel that self-employment is the biggest scam perpetrated by our society/governments. There are so many incentives and programs, small business centers and promotion about starting your own business. We even have programs to entice our youth into entrepreneurship. What we don’t have is a system of solid start-up for the average entrepreneur. With […]

Stating your #Platform – Quick Formula

The four pillars work together to create a statement that is unique to you. It is this that makes you stand out from the competition and allows potential clients to see you as the obvious solution. Define your four pillars below and then write it out as a single statement that can be clearly understood […]

Myth of the One-week Planning Retreat #Solopreneur

Many of us have salivated over the idea of getting away from our business to think, strategize and build a stronger, more rewarding structure. Re-work our prices. Zero in on our ideal market. write compelling position papers and blog content. Find incredible network partners. Especially in some exotic locale – you with me? In fact […]

online learning

Building #elearning #course on #Udemy vs Tutorial – Key Difference

The collision of two universes… I have been a college teacher for 5 years (which does include online elements and video creation but within a classroom environment), a seminar leader for 12, a coach and trainer for 12, a professional speaker for 4. Each world requires a different type of skills. Any speaker/teacher needs a […]

Woman chatting online

The Non-Digital Natives are Nervous – #homebiz

My target market is a nervous one.  #homebiz and #mompreneurs They are not digital natives. They know themselves and their business and their customers but find technology a bit too amorphous. They cannot pin it down and worry about making mistakes. I get it. Really. In fact my courses are easy to use one you […]

More than two-thirds of #homebiz run by first-time entrepreneurs

More than two-thirds of home businesses run by first-time entrepreneurs Picture: PA Wire By Naomi Rainey 06:00Thursday 11 June 2015 Home-based businesses add £300bn to the economy, according to research. A study from Direct Line for Business and Enterprise Nation found 69 per cent of these businesses are started by first-time entrepreneurs. There has been […]

Better Business Bureau flags 7 Atlantic Canada work-at-home offers

Some Canadians offered high-paying, work-at-home schemes from companies claiming to be from region By Ryan Pierce, CBC News Posted: Jun 11, 2015 5:53 PM ATLast Updated: Jun 11, 2015 5:56 PM AT The Better Business Bureau has identified seven companies, each making a similar offer for project co-ordinator, project manager or project administrator positions. The companies […]

Advantages to Operating a Home-based Business

 Jacques Robert First posted: Friday, June 12, 2015 03:43 PM EDT There are many advantages to operating a business out of your home. You may eliminate time and gas required to commute to work, and you may reduce your business overhead costs. It is important to note that not all home-based businesses are permitted. The […]

Stand out by being clear and specific.

Who the Heck ARE You?

One of the biggest challenges you will ever face in your business is figuring out who the heck you are. This sounds so simple. But this is why there are so many courses in “60-second Infomercials” the “Elevator Speech” and Story Telling for business. Saying that you are a naturopath, architect or home decorator does […]

Steps to Success

Marketing is different for #Solopreneurs & #Homebiz

The Problem Marketing is different for Solopreneurs. But we try to market like the big boys. You cannot apply the same ideas and principles to your marketing that brands apply to theirs. The Marriott has no lessons for us. McDonalds is not a small business. There is no level playing field. We work alone. We […]

Questions that Lead to Massive Profits

By Jeanna Gabellini As a business owner and leader, you may think you’re always focused on attracting new income. But often, you’re more focused on putting out fires, figuring out what went wrong with your latest biz building technique and searching for clarity on what’s next. What if each of your questions about increasing profits, […]

#Schedule All the Things (in Advance) especially #WordPress!

I love that so many things can be set up in advance with technology – birthday reminders, Twitter and Facebook alerts, IFTTT recipes, and Blog posts. So last week when I disappeared, buried in errands and driving and vet visits, where was my blog post? I didn’t have one pre-scheduled! Much like the saying “the shoemakers […]

One Process for Online #Marketing

This week I want to share some observations from my Online Marketing Class group-presentations in Hospitality at Georgian College. Every business is different. Every business leader has their own goals, comfort level and interests. So although each group presented about an accommodation’s online marketing, there were naturally differences in style, approach, focus and strategy. From […]

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