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3 keys to leverage #socialmedia for #homebiz and #mompreneurs (updated)

As home businesses, solopreneurs, experts or mom & pop shops, marketing itself can be frustrating and exhausting. When things are going well, we don’t have time to market. When they are not, we don’t have the enthusiasm to market.

You may also be like many of my clients and students and just not know where to start. There is too much information about online marketing and not enough about small business marketing available these days.

As an entrepreneur, you call all the shots, you can do what you want. Now what do you want?

I don’t want to embarrass you but – when did you last look at your marketing plan? I admit, I only have one because I teach the subject and use my business as an example.

You need a marketing plan – not two marketing plans. Don’t make the mistake of having one plan for online and one for everything else.

Marketing is marketing these days.

So for now, start on a blank page. You are a person solving problems for other people. They need to know you exist and trust you enough to do business with you. They also need to know what you offer and if it suits their needs.

This is a huge job. Honestly – this is why big brands hire outside companies and medium businesses delegate this to staff.

BUT – without a plan, each time you work on marketing it feels like you are starting from scratch, you secretly suspect that every second spent on social media is a waste of time and you don’t measure what results your website brings in at all.

One Page Marketing Plan

That is why we are here right?! This can all be accomplished with this course and a few hours a month of your time applied following the focused strategy you create today.

There are three key LEVERS:



Passion Team

INCENTIVE: Who doesn’t love tasting the samples at Costco? Free samples just work – let us experience what you have and we understand better – PLUS we owe you (subconsciously at least). There is no such thing as a “no strings attached” offer. Every interaction builds relationship and threads of loyalty.

Plus – the added bonus online is that to get an incentive, your prospect needs to

  1. Download something with your contact information on it
  2. Watch a video starring you – that helps them get to know you
  3. Fill out a form to get an email attachment or file access
  4. Call you to arrange a free consultation or evaluation


  • You cannot do it all manually
  • Something is going to slip through the cracks
  • The higher the value, the less personalization required

Staying connected with your Power Team (keep reading) requires some automated alerts too! Imagine if you watch all the latest kitten videos but key updates, blog posts and news from your VIP connections gets lost in your feed!

Online, Solopreneurs need to work in Teams

PASSION TEAM: In the “real world” you cannot build a business you love without a team. That does not mean sub-contractors or employees. It means only this:

Passion Team Definition

A group of individuals who share a vision, serve the same ideal client, and refer each other’s business on their websites, on social media, and in person with clients and associates.

This is NOT an “Old Boys Network” (though you can see why those worked so well). This is a formalized group of 4 to 6 entrepreneurs who together add up to more than the sum of their parts when it comes to the service they can provide to their clients.

To learn to apply these in your business and discover a new love and ease of your day to day work, get the full video and workbook now!

Cher Cunningham

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