Month: January 2017


Lesson 9 – Easy Social Sharing with #WordPress and #Jetpack

This video shows you how to get more out of Jetpack. Social Sharing WordPress Plugin from Jetpack Under your Jetpack Settings, Engagement menu you will see a tool called Sharing. After you Activate this tool, you need to configure it how you want it to work. Social Sharing for Visitors Social Sharing is found at […]


Lesson 8 – Simple On-Page SEO for #WordPress

Note video fixed. Thanks for feedback! When you are building out your blogsite in WordPress, it is good to understand some basic ideas behind Search Engine Optimizing and how to achieve them. Perfect SEO for WordPress šŸ˜‰ In a perfect world, you would coin a new word, promote that word at conferences and in ads […]

Lesson 7 – Finding Images for your #WordPress #Blog

This lesson is a quick one – strongest takeaway: You can find great images for your #Wordpress #Blog without infringing on copyright! Click To Tweet From your own logo and photos to CCSearch and Pixabay, explore ways to find images that you have the rights to use. If you need images or illustrations created for […]

Lesson 6 – Improving the #WordPress Content Editor

I did record a video for today’s post but I have not finished editing it. The problem with taping through all of the hiccups and issues is that then when you want to look slick and pro… there is a lot of cutting to do! The basic content editor in WordPress is fine. Really it […]

Lesson 5 – Planning your #WordPress #Website

As you get ready to blog there are a couple of steps that will make a big difference for you later on: Create a website map Create content categories Set up categories for your blog Lay things out in clean menus and provide easy access through widgets Build a content calendar This tutorial today takes […]

Lesson 4 – How Can You Trust #WordPress

Building your online presence is a bit nerve wracking – especially when using a database driven software like WordPress. It is so different than what you may understand. When you put information into documents on your computer and then back it up on a USB, you can understand this process. But with WordPress you are […]

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