Month: May 2015

Steps to Success

Marketing is different for #Solopreneurs & #Homebiz

The Problem Marketing is different for Solopreneurs. But we try to market like the big boys. You cannot apply the same ideas and principles to your marketing that brands apply to theirs. The Marriott has no lessons for us. McDonalds is not a small business. There is no level playing field. We work alone. We […]

Questions that Lead to Massive Profits

By Jeanna Gabellini As a business owner and leader, you may think you’re always focused on attracting new income. But often, you’re more focused on putting out fires, figuring out what went wrong with your latest biz building technique and searching for clarity on what’s next. What if each of your questions about increasing profits, […]

#Schedule All the Things (in Advance) especially #WordPress!

I love that so many things can be set up in advance with technology – birthday reminders, Twitter and Facebook alerts, IFTTT recipes, and Blog posts. So last week when I disappeared, buried in errands and driving and vet visits, where was my blog post? I didn’t have one pre-scheduled! Much like the saying “the shoemakers […]

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