Month: April 2015

One Process for Online #Marketing

This week I want to share some observations from my Online Marketing Class group-presentations in Hospitality at Georgian College. Every business is different. Every business leader has their own goals, comfort level and interests. So although each group presented about an accommodation’s online marketing, there were naturally differences in style, approach, focus and strategy. From […]

Campaigns and Automated Process

Last week in class I created a youtube video for my students to help illustrate some complex ideas. When working with online marketing, our goal of course is to get people to buy. Failing that, it is to get a name and an email address in order to share with them value. With these ends, […]

What Makes a Compelling Product

Why would I buy your product? The catch-all response would seem to be easy: because your product fulfills a need that I have. But this isn’t precisely the case. I buy – not because it does what I actually need – but because it does what I think I need.  I may not know what I actually need! […]

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