Month: February 2015


Build Your Presence with Influencers

Influencers are those people who have already built a name, a platform, a following with your target market. This video explains who they are and how to interact with them to build a win-win-win for you, your network and the influencer. Even a like or a favorite can make you stand out on less active […]

Passion Drives your Uniqueness

Today’s video is about reaching into your heart, into your passion, by asking the right questions. Passion feeds your Purpose, Vision and Core Message –  it is how you “do the social media thing” how you stand out. Watch the video then grab the course Passion to Traction… the first module is on me.

Drafting an Online Course

Many of you know that I have been taking my seminars and college courses and converting them to online learning – specifically redesigned for the solopreneur over 45 years of age. The biggest challenges to creating a product – even the ones I want to give free – is deciding how much value to put […]

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