Month: November 2014

This is me on day 5 baby…

Lessons from day 2 – do not leap from your computer work-station to answer the phone while creating a video. Because, chances are, if you are leaping from your desk, you forgot to detach the microphone. And if you forgot to detach the microphone, your laptop will fling off of the desk. And if your […]


Basic LinkedIn Setup (video day 2 of 90 days)

Day 2 of 90 Videos in 90 Days. Yes, still looking amateur – and sitting too low for the video capture. This file started as 20 minutes. Took longer to delete the extra than record. Got it down to just over 5 minutes. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I love linkedIN  – it is like having breakfast with your […]


90 Videos in 90 Days

Video can teach so much in a very short time – it allows screen capture tutorials, powerpoint and images to illustrate your key points and puts a face to your persona. So why do I hate creating video? I hate my voice, I am hyper-critical, I am not a videographer – should I keep making […]

Blogsite Foundations Free Course

I just added this video to my free course: Blogsite Foundations.  Yet Another 3 Minute WordPress Install Setting up a WordPress site is so easy. You can do it yourself with the software available through your host. Granted the core blog is unattractive and not very useful, but when you realize that all of the […]

Jetpack – a treasure trove of functionality

Often as I am seeking a solution, I discover it right here in the Jetpack plugin. I started my experience with WordPress on the hosted version at before upgrading to a full self-hosted website. It seemed like a dreadful either/or choice as I lost some of the fabulous features of the hosted version – […]

Google+ is Going Nowhere

Guest Post by: William Hackstetter The title of this article is not misleading, instead it is a double entendre… Google+ is not going to disappear. It is a reality that all business owners are going to have to take control of and make some decisions about. Google+ is Here to Stay With the popularity of […]

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