Month: October 2014

Whitespace on Your Blog

What does white space mean on a blog? We have heard that white space is an important element in print design and layout. What does that mean to you when you are writing your blogs? in simple terms, all you really need to think about is making your copy easy to skim and scan. How […]

Images for Your Blog – Part 4 of 4

The fourth source is commercial image websites. Some offer free daily images, many offer low-cost, high-quality images. Getty Images is a well-known source of high quality images. You can purchase various rights to millions of quality images… and as of Feb 2014, they are allowing their images to be embedded on websites for no […]

Images for Your Blog- part 3 of 4

Another source of images that is free is, of course, your own photos. The challenge can be cropping and resizing those photos once you have them on your computer. A camera image is often not cropped correctly or not rotated right, and is often very large. You can use a free image editing tool like […]

Images for Your Blog – part 2 of 4

Last time we looked at images you can freely use for your blog that are under the Creative Commons license. Today I want to show you how to create simple screen-capture images on a windows computer. I do this when I am creating a tutorial like this one. On Windows, click Start or the Windows […]

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