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Never pay someone to build a website for you!!

One of the biggest lessons I can share for you (and give you the tools to tackle) is that, as a homepreneur or solopreneur, you CANNOT abdicate your role as THE website creator for your business. IF you run a bigger business and can hire an employee to manage your website design and content needs, it’s a different story – BUT when you are the business, you need to be the webmaster.

Not just because this will save you thousands of dollars but because in a business of your size, you are the business – the voice, the values, the lifeblood of the business. You know your goals and vision, your ideal customer. It is your knowledge and experience and  passion that attracts customers and clients.

Today’s communication means that YOU need to be blogging, YOU need to be active on Social Media, YOU need to be networking.

And to be in a position of confidence – you need to manage your own website. You build out the goals, strategy, sitemap, lead funnels, mailing lists, content etc. You create your content calendar and write the basic content on a weekly basis. THEN you can pay someone for some graphic design or to upgrade the look of the site, you can pay someone to upgrade your website or teach you how to manage email lists. You can even pay someone to re-write your blogs to sound more impressive once you have the rough copy done.

Where are you at today?

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“Cher’s ability to show me just what I need to know in order to turn my business vision into an online strategy has been invaluable!”
Robert Cassels, Cassels Marketing Inc.


As a college professor, not only do I have the knowledge… I also know
how to share it with you. Step-by-step building on your knowledge and your experience to create a strategy that matches your needs.

I teach with cheat-sheets and videos as I have found both are incredibly valuable – for actually seeing the processes and for having a ready-reference at hand while you work.

“I knew I wanted to share my travels and my photos but didn’t have any idea how to start. Cher’s videos made it so easy – I was able to register my domain at GoDaddy and build a blog website with an image gallery at – in just a couple of sittings. And – I actually found it fun to play with the site – not stressful!”
Jane Dawson

Create (AND execute) strategy, tactics, processes and campaigns to market with confidence with no distractions or shiny objects.

When you can do this, you will be able to measure your results month to month as your business heads towards your goals!

Step by step checklists, videos and a full workbook will take you from overwhelmed to your own solid and unique business plan that you use to create shareable social media that link to pages that capture leads….

6 weeks to exciting online results – guaranteed.

“Cher has a very special ability to assist individuals in integrating their heart, mind, and soul in identifying a business plan and model that feels just right. I have discovered the difference in energy levels between running a business and having a business run me. I highly recommend Cher’s services if you are looking to up the game in your business and serve your customers more fully, with passion.”
Jonathan Siegel, Psychologist



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